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Our Board & Trustees

Committed to Community through Philanthropy

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We work tirelessly to ensure the Foundation’s values are upheld and goals achieved.

Meet The Team



CEO, Trustee

Elwyn Boyle JP., is a native of Guyana and the Co-Founder/Trustee of the Claudette Caesar Foundation. She is also the CEO/Director of Essential Care Agency, Guyana’s Premier Home Care Agency. She has a Master of Arts degree in TESOL from University of Sunderland, UK and LLB & LPC from The Open University & University of Law, UK.  Ms. Boyle works as a Magistrate for the South-East London UK bench and also as a Relationship Manager at London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, UK.

Her early years were spent living and attending school on the Essequibo Coast. As an Anna Regina Secondary School alumna, she excelled in athletics (high jump) and represented Essequibo Coast at the Guyana National Schools’ Athletic Championship on several occasions.

After leaving school, she landed her dream job as a teacher, teaching for 2 years before attending Cyril Potter College of Education and attaining the Second Best graduating student award in her Nursery Education cohort. 

She is a Motivational Trainer, trained to deliver the UK accredited GOALS motivational Programme, a programme that has benefited some attendees of the Guyana Foundation, Sunrise Centre and members of her local church on the Essequibo Coast. 

Her drive to give back has seen her sending financial aid, numerous barrels of food, household products and clothing to different individuals and organizations in Guyana. Her life’s mantra is “Do your Best and then Better your Best” and sees tenacity as her main quality that has gotten her thus far. She is an avid reader, and she satisfies her appetite for travelling by constantly seeking out new adventures. She lists DIY as one of her favourite past-time.

Ms. Boyle is the proud parent of two amazing foster children.

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COO, Trustee

Karen Glasgow is a native of Guyana and Co-Founder/Trustee of Claudette Caesar Foundation. She is a licenced Cosmetologist, the CEO/Manager of DK Hair Gallery in Long Island NY and has previously operated her own hairdressing solon on the Essequibo Coast. 

Mrs Glasgow is an alumna of Anna Regina Secondary School, where she excelled in track and field athletics and represented Essequibo Coast at the Guyana Schools’ National Athletics Championship.  She later worked as a Librarian at the said school. Mrs Glasgow holds both a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Education, from Adelphi University, USA. She also attended New York International Beauty School.

Dear to her heart is the act of giving back, so it isn’t surprising that Mrs Glasgow is a volunteer Personal Shopper/Stylist for an international charitable organisation, Dress for Success. Dress for Success is an organisation that support women to get back into work by offering clothing and other support, including mentoring. She also donates to her church-led programme, Trans Care and act as a Mentor to her young clients, who often seek her out for advice and support with life skills.

In her spare time, she can be found in the kitchen whipping up a culinary delight or gardening. She also has an envious currency (notes) collection.

Her communication skills, ability to work well within a team and resilience, despite the circumstances, is what sets her apart.

Lavern Lynch.jpg


Board Member

Lavern Lynch is a native of Guyana, who grew up on the Essequibo Coast and now resides in the USA. An alumna of Anna Regina Community High School, she has been a teacher, in Guyana, for over 7 years. 


Lavern currently works as one of the Directors of Head Start, a not for profit organisation in the USA, that provides a wide range of support to low income families with pre-school children. She commenced her work with Head Start as a Classroom Assistant and holds a BSc in Early Childhood Education and Pennsylvania Director credentials. She credits her elevation to her current post to her positive attitude,   professional manner and tenacity. 


Lavern is a wife, mother and grandmother and when not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, reading, watching TV and travelling.

gary 2 (2).jpg


Board Member

Devoted father and husband, Gary Williams is an Anna Regina Secondary school alumnus. He currently works at the said school and functions in the roles of Laboratory Technician and sports coach. 

Gary is truly a ‘people’s person’ and sees his winning personality as his best asset. When not at work or spending time with his family, Gary  functions as the President of Essequibo Table Tennis Sub Association and Vice Chairman for Social Cohesion Club. He also spends time coaching and counselling young people, organising sporting events and socialising.

Lalljeet 3.jpg


Board Member

For the past 9 years, Laljeet Ruplall has steadfastly led the staff and students of Anna Regina Secondary School, as the Head Teacher. As a result of his leadership, in 2019, Anna Regina Secondary School was recognised as the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) School of the Year, having also produced the most outstanding CSEC student.


An alumnus of Anna Regina Secondary School, he later became a teacher. His teaching career spans 26 years and Laljeet credits his career  and life success to his dedication. He also studied at a degree level and obtained qualifications in Secondary Science and Business Studies. 

Laljeet is an avid cricketer and also enjoys gardening and exercising. 

Aotto 2 (2).jpg


Board Member

Affectionally known as Pastor Brian, Aotto Christiani is a Pastor, Husband and Father. Always wearing  smile, his ability to interact and communicate with others has led him to become a very respected member in his community- someone who is sought out for advice and support.

Aotto is currently the Pastor of House of Praise (Assembly of God) church in Queenstown, Essequibo Coast and also functions as the Administrator of the local cricket board.

An alumnus of Abram Zuil Secondary School, Aotto furthered his studies at Bible School and is the recipient of several certificates. He counts his ability to take on projects and executing them as one of his strong points. 

His free time is spent with his family and watching sports on TV.

jenny 2 (2).jpg


Board Member

Jenive Prince brings with her a true community spirit. As an alumna of Anna Regina Secondary School, she is noted for her ability  to capture an audience via public speaking and her ability to keep calm, while operating under pressure. Though retired and currently living a more leisurely life, Jenive previously worked at the Guyana National Insurance Scheme as a Manager. 


Jenive is a member of the Lions Club Guyana and when not volunteering with them, she can be found babysitting, travelling or socialising. 

Karen Nurse (2).jpg


Board Member

As the current House Service Supervisor at Anna Regina Secondary School dormitory, a post she has held for over 15 years, Karen Nurse has vast experience in supporting both young and elderly people. An alumna of Abram Zuil Secondary School, she cites her bold personality and ability to organize and coordinate events as her strongest qualities, something she would be able to use in her support of the Foundation.

Karen is a wife and mother of 2 children and as a mentor, enjoys helping students and adults realise their purpose in life by using her experiences as examples. She previously served as a secretary for the Queenstown Development Association and enjoys simple DIY projects, which she presents as special gifts to her friends and family.



Board Member

Known for her humility and willingness to help other, often forsaking herself, Rajpattie Inniss is a wife, mother, and is steadfastly devoted to her extended family. An alumna of Abrams Zuil Secondary School, she is very hardworking and incredibly motivated to succeed. 

Rajpattie holds a Foundation Diploma in Micro Computer studies and a certificate in Cake Decorating. She previously worked as an Administrator for Guyana Foundation and is currently Librarian at Abram Zuil Secondary School. 

When not working, Rajpattie loves to decorate cakes, play online word games, watch TV and listen to Gospel music.


She takes inspiration from her favourite Bible verse: I am fearfully and wonderfully made by the Hands of God ( Psalm 139:14 )



Board Member

Joshua Durant is an energetic and positive person who is hugely dedicated to his family. He prides himself in being kind to everyone despite the situation and is renowned for his inviting smile.

In his early years, he attended the Joanna Cecilia Secondary school and later, Board of Industrial training (BIT) where he studied Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.

Joshua currently works in Customer Service at the Essequibo Technical Institute. However, in his free time, he loves to read, play dominoes, gardening and carryout Taxi services.



Board Member

Dr. Sabriena Harrychan is a Dentist who practices throughout Essequibo Coast and Region 2, serving the Ministry of Health in the dental fraternity (Dental Surgeon).

She is very family oriented and a superb aunty. 

Sabriena gained her secondary the Anna Regina Community High school then went on to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Guyana. Her future plans include a career in Forensic Dentistry.

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