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The Claudette Caesar Foundation

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Claudette Caesar Foundation (CCF) was created to honour Claudette Caesar Loncke and to give back to the Essequibo Community. Based in Guyana, on the Essequibo coast, CCF is a Non-Governmental Organisation, which will provide University of Guyana undergraduate degree opportunities for the deserving students of Anna Regina Secondary School.

The Foundation will offer at least one full University of Guyana undergraduate degree scholarship to a graduating Anna Regina Secondary School student, every year, and provide educational resources, financial aids and pastoral support to the school and some students as they ascend into Tertiary education.


The criteria for selection of the student(s), who will receive the scholarship is set out in our

‘How we select our Scholarship Recipients' section, but the main focus will be to give support to the children of single parents and those whose lives have been affected by domestic violence.

In addition to providing extensive benefits to the school, the foundation will also support the elderly community of Essequibo Coast. Yearly Gala and food and sundries gifts will be at the heart of the support for the elders.

The Foundation has a Patron, 2 trustees and 8 board members, all of whom have voluntarily given their support and are dedicated to achieving its vision.

All our funding and sundries come from charitable donations and fund raising events.

Anyone can support the foundation by visiting our donate page.

We believe we can come together to improve the quality of life of those who need it most,

and make a difference in our community.

Our Mission Statement

To provide opportunities for the young minds of Anna Regina Secondary School, to develop their potential and support those elderly people of Essequibo Coast, who need it most.

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Our Mission

Our Vision

We aim to attain our Mission by enacting

our vision to:

  • Provide at least one full University of Guyana Undergraduate Degree Scholarship to a graduating Anna Regina Secondary School Student, every year.

  • Support the students of Anna Regina Secondary School by providing educational and other resources.

  • Provide pastoral and other support to Anna Regina Secondary School.

  • Support the elderly community of Essequibo Coast, though tangible and financial aids.

How We Select
How we select our Scholarship Recipients 

The main criteria for selection are:


1) Students from single parent or low income households (income of  $60,000 or less per month).

2) Students whose life have been affected by domestic violence.

3) Students attaining and maintaining an average of at least B (80%) throughout their secondary education, commencing from Grade 8.

4)  Students of good character, aptitude and attitude to learning.

5) Independent essay from students outlining why they should receive the CCF scholarship.

6) Students who want to study for a University of Guyana Undergraduate Degree.


The process:


  • Each year, students from Year 8 onwards can apply for the CCF University Of Guyana Degree Scholarship.

  • Each eligible applicant will receive the CCF scholarship additional documents pack, in Grade 10, to be completed and submitted by the deadline.

  • The students parents’ are notified, and consent granted for their academic and extracurricular activities to be monitored.

  • Students are given academic and pastoral support to maintain their grade point average and engage in extracurricular activities.

  • Students are provided with Career advice sessions in Grade 10 and 11.

  • Termly reports are completed by teachers and submitted to CCF board for discussion.

  • In Grade 10, five students will be presented to the board for consideration for the scholarship. 

  • An essay of at least 500 words, from a choice of 5 topics to be submitted by Grade 11 students.

  • A maximum of 2 students from the 5 will be selected as the recipient of the CCF scholarship, at the February Board Meeting, in the year they will be receiving the scholarship.

  • At least one student (maximum 2) who meet the above criteria will receive the full undergraduate University of Guyana degree scholarship.

  • Students will have to maintain, at least, a 2.8 grade point average on their Undergraduate Degree, to continue to receive their scholarship funding.

  • Pastoral and other support to be given to students while attending the University of Guyana.


Elderly Persons’ Support


How we select our elderly recipients:


  • 25 elderly persons will be supported on a 2 yearly basis.

  • Elderly persons must be 65 years or older.

  • Elderly persons must come for a low income ($60,000 or less per month) household.

  • Elderly persons can be nominated by CCF board and or the general public.

  • The public will be notified when the board is accepting nominations.

  • The board and Claudette Caesar Loncke will make the final decision as to who will receive support over the 2 year period.

  • Support for the elderly persons will beginning from January 1st, 2022.



Some of the Support we offer our elderly persons:

  • Birthday gift

  • Bereavement financial support

  • Summer Gala

  • Christmas Food/Care Hamper

  • Additional financial and other support

We Need Your Support Today!

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